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P-E: Alien Meme
A little meme for the peeps of :iconporter-express:

So the basis of the meme is that you take your character's species, and then use it as a base for an alien design.
Thats it really. Maybe give 'em a neat space suit or clothes too.
Roman - Porter Express App


Name: Roman
Sex: Male
Age: 30 |  Birthday: February 27
Species: White-Headed Capuchin Monkey |  Type: Lazy
Town: Dragonroot

Occupation: Spa Masseur

• Reading Chinese Poetry
• Long walks to nowhere in particular
• Meditation
• Climbing things
• Watching Fireworks

+ Carefree
+ Friendly
+ Happy-Go-Lucky
- Naive
- Irresponsible
- Lax

To describe Roman is fairly simple.
He's just a friendly dude with a pretty lax personality.
Living his life day to day, Roman doesn't care much for planning for the future. He believes with enough time, everything can sort itself out. Its certainly lead him into trouble though, and its been more than once Roman has been duped on account of his naive and trusting views. He's easily forgiving and moves on from the bad quickly, however this can make him seem kinda flighty too. As a friend, Roman is pretty chill, willing to do almost whatever. That is, when he's around. His tendancy to wander about makes him more the friend you'll run into at the store than the friend you meet up with on purpose. Roman's just not cut out for schedules. His saving grace in this matter, is he's able to pick up where he left off. You could not see him for a whole year, but when you finally do meet, Roman simply picks up where he left off.
Once a friend of Roman's, always a friend of Roman's.

Roman has always been a bit of a wanderer. Living a carefree life is all he's ever wanted. 
No ties, just him and a world to wander. This has been his life for years. 

Born and raised in the back of an RV. Roman's childhood was all about being on the move. His parents were an odd couple. His father was a freelance journalist, selling stories to newspapers that he'd find on their travels. His mother, a writer of romance novels often starring handsome sailors and women who wanted a change. Both had found they'd shared a passion for writing, and the relationship had grown from there.
Roman was the first child to be born to the family. He had his mother's eyes and his father's ears.
Growing up in the confines of a Camper Van, it was surprisingly difficult to keep a hold of Roman once he'd found his legs. He'd get up on everything, be found in any random cupboard, and would cause all the usual mayhem of a toddler and then some. But such was their life.
Childhood passed by rather normally for Roman. Though he lacked a set of permanent friends (aside from his sister who was two years younger than him), he never found himself lonely. He was home schooled to the best of his parents ability. And so life went on for Roman in this fashion until he reached twenty. It was then he decided it was his turn to travel alone.

For a further five years, Roman traveled the country. Taking odd jobs and sleeping in odd places helped him get by, and certainly added to the fun. Eventually, Roman was able to talk his way onto a ship, working for passage across the sea. Landing in a new country.

It was here that Roman found one of the biggest influences on his life.
A monastery.
For a full four years, Roman lived in poverty and celibacy, taking up his current moniker after the fireworks he loved so much. He did chores, meditation, martial arts, the general activities of a monk. And although Roman never took the vows, he lived every way in which his brothers and sisters did. He begged for food donations on the street, wore humble garb, and prayed. In this place, he found clarity. He'd never struggled in who he was, but for some reason, Roman was able to still find his peace. It was after that, Roman left.

Setting out once more, Roman decided it was time to place some roots for a while and see if he could better himself further.
He'd start in the place he'd first seen fireworks, a place called Dragon Root.


• Fireworks
• Peaches
• Finding new places
• Free time

• Staying put
• Restrictive clothing
• Wasting food
• Fighting (Pacifist)
• People ruffling his fur

• Since he was a small child, Roman's has be fascinated with fireworks. They've since become a decerning factor on his fashion sense, and he can easily be coerced doing something and going somewhere if they're involved.
• Real name to be found out through a strong bond.
• He can speak English, Mandarin, and Hindi.
• He was taught Hindi by his Father and Mandarin he learnt in the monastery
• He's super into grooming. Comes with being a monkey.
• 5'7" - 149lbs


Well, its been over a year since I actually did anything on dA, but I'm back!
Time to start of fresh with a new group.

Oct 6, 2016
:iconancientsimian:AncientSimian has changed their username (formerly Ancientbarioth1)

I got so many great friends that are neat artists that I'm gonna do a new Character Feature Journal!

1. Lhumina the pun-master!

PKMN Crossing: Hickory by Lhumina

Look at this bastard! You'd be a fool to think I'd choose anyone other than hickory Lhumina's representative. Hickory is all man, despite what the other characters of his masculinity level, I think he's all man and a damn funny character. Before PKMC closed, I'd be surprised if someone didn't think of Hickory as one of the mascots of the group, he's easily recognisable and his adventures around Pokette were memorable and always humorous. I hope he's able to get a second chance in a new group.

2. Starbound cadet Mriia

Francine Moffett by Mriia

Frankie! Max never got the chance to meet Frankie, a disappointment really, but I digress. Frankie's one sassy lady and she's got a wicked design, those pants look so comfy! She also is something you don't see often in the HPM scene with her dark skin and age, which I think makes her stand out pretty well. Mriia unfortunately left HPM, but she intends to come back with a new character. I can only hope she deciders to bring Frankie back~

3. CEO KeatonCreature

Character Sheet: Vyra by KeatonCreature

Why pick a character I know nothing about? Because I'm a runaway train AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!! I know nothing at all about Vyra, but I know that KeatonCreature is a great person who just doesn't draw much, oh, and she always has to pee! (YEAH I SAID IT!!) I don't know what a New Pure is or what her story is about, and I'm only bringing Vyra up because its making Kyuu embarrassed. Anywho, I'm having fun~

4. Princess HimeCandy

<da:thumb id="426260764"/>

I would have chosen Shiva, but I feel Viri deserved a bit of attention. Viri's a sweet gal and an awesome nun, even when she's always breaking glass objects. I should have Max harass her sometime, nothing like terrorising a nun. As for her design, its a fairly standard design for a nun, but that is her profession so I guess theres no reason for me to dwell on it. I do hope I get the chance to rp with her one day.

5. Great warrior Relaji

CoR - Carys Argall by Relaji

CARYS, BECAUSE CENTAURS!!! And thats all I have to say. Kidding! In all seriousness, despite my lack of activity in CoR, I love all the characters people have come up with for the group, and Carys is certainly no exception. Gotta love that armour and pole arm weapons are the bomb! Relaji actually has a lot of cool characters, but I figured I'd pick her newest(?) for the sake of how cool and stoic she seems. True my CoR character has never actually met the centaur, but thats not why we're here.

6. Lord of the Dance ElfSama

Pokimono: Itsuwari by ElfSama

Whats that, am I tired of all these Pokemon themed OC's? No. From that I can tell, Itsuwari is actually one of ElfSama's older characters, but with her fairly recent revival I hope to see a bit more of her. Itsuwari has a pretty cool design, with a yellow Kimono, funky hairstyle, and painted face, her disguise as a courtesan would fool anyone. Dig a little deeper though, and you'll find a nice big mouth on the back of her head along with an occupation as a ninja. BELIEVE IT!

7. The sweet Eelfur

Violet HPM Application by Eelfur

So far, Violet has shown quick thinking, cuteness, and a liking of coffee flavoured shaved ice. Whilst Max may not be impressed with her slamming a handful of the icy treat onto his chest, I'm sure he'll warm up to her more over time if things go well. I love Violet's design, its straight to the point and lets everyone know she's a Dustox Gijinka in an instant, and those cute little antennae complete the set! I think my favourite part of her design by far though, are those freckles~!

Aaaaaaaaand I think that concludes todays session.


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I live in Australia, and spend most of my time in my office surfing the net, playing video games, and drawing what every takes my fancy.



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